Terms & Conditions

Like everything in life, some rules need to be set up, especially since this website is inteded for your participation. I don’t want to sound too legally but I understand we need to place some boundaries and limitations so here I go:

For You The Bride & Groom
The rules for you the B&G or any reader are simple. There are no fees for registering and enjoy the company of the fabulous people here. Everyone is very helpful and will go the extra mile in providing some aid in the preparation of that special day. Of course we ask you to please be nice with everyone while commenting, giving advice and especially on the forums. If you don’t play nice one of our moderators might suspend you for a while, and you will miss all the fun!

Contact any vendor you like, and request information directly.  After your perfect day is over we just ask you to come back to the site and tell us all about it!! we would love to feature your wedding! so make sure to get permission from your photographer or better yet tell her/him to stop by and give us a preview of your wedding. If the vendor is listed here, please give him/her a rate so other brides can benefit from it.

Elite Vendors Book
Welcome! We manage a list of top of the line artistic professionals in the wedding industry, called Elite Vendors Book. Not everyone gets listed in this book and selection is carefully done. If you believe you qualify to be listed in our book please apply for our Elite Vendors Book. We reserve the right to deny or accept your application at any point.  If you are selected to be part of our exclusive line of artistic vendors, we will provide you with our current rates and all the information you will need to get listed in our book. We would love to feature your products on any of our sections, so drop us a line and we will get back to you asap.

Like with everything in life please play nice especially in our forums. Your public image is your responsibility.

You are responsible for maintaining the information on your listing accurately. Just sign to your account and update your public information.

Clients and visitors can rate your services or products. If you rating goes below 5, your listing will be removed and your account will be terminated. We strive in listing only top of the line professionals in our  Elite Vendors Book.

Your Privacy
Your privacy is very, but very important to us. I won’t share, rent or provide your information to anyone. As a B&G you are responsible to contact the vendors in this site directly. Any negotiation or conversation is private between you and the vendor.

I decided to use only PayPal as a method of payment as is the most secure and safe. If you don’t have a PayPal account, no problem, you can still pay with your credit card.

Please don’t open more than one account, it is really not necessary. If you loose your password, you can retrieve it at any time. More than one account coming from the same IP address will only result in the suspension of all your accounts and I’m afraid I will have to block your IP address to protect my other guests.

Enjoy the company and get inspired!…

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