Wedding Shoot by Kelly Moore Photography

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I’m a passionate about color, but above everything I like elegance with a touch of romance. That’s how I felt when I saw these images from Kelly Moore Photography.

This wedding looks like it was fun and fresh, totally elegant and so romantic, and the couple radiant with happiness! Monica &  Terrance wedding shoot in Dallas, TX…

I just absolutely love Kelly’s style!

You can tell the bride and groom really enjoyed their beautiful wedding!

The wedding was organized by Shari Johns from “As You Wish” and they sure did a splendorous job!

Kelly, your work is GORGEOUS! thank you for sharing it with us.

To view Monica & Terrance’s entire wedding pictures visit Kelly’s blog [here].

We are back!

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We are finally back! after months of absence we are finally back into business.

We’ve redesigned the website, with the help of the wonderful team at who did a wonderful job!

Coming soon fantastic weddings, spectacular decorations and clever DIY’s! don’t go too far and check back soon!

See ya!

Winter Pashmina Promotion by Eljse Designs

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Photo by Heidi Ryder

Photo by Heidi Ryder

Elsje Designs is one of the blogs I stalk latelly because the designs and products are just fabulous!! so when they posted about their Pashmina Promotion I just had to share!

To receive this beautiful purple pashmina as a thank you gift, just place your stationery order with Elsje Designs. Just reference “pashmina promo” when you place your order.

Saima & Imran – Colorful Engagement

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When it comes to colorful and traditional events nothing beats a Muslim wedding. Lynette, from Lynette J. Photography in Dallas, has graciously shared with us the spectacular images she captured from this fascinating and rich engagement party.

The luxury is delicately splattered on every detail, from the decoration on the hands and feet of the future bride all the way to the decoration of the dresses and the venue itself. I can’t imagine having to organize an engagement party like this much less the wedding, it must be spectacular! and the wedding let me tell you is beyond fabulous! wait until you see the pictures of this splendorous wedding in a future post, they are to die for!


Lynette J. Photography

Lynette J. Photography

Lynette J. Photography

Lynette J. Photography

Lynette J. Photography

Wedding Favors – Handmade Organic Lavender Almond Soaps by Valenti

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I was told I shouldn’t give credit to the creator of this beautiful site, and my boss, but I just couldn’t pass the opportunity to let everyone know about this wonderful product! My name is Tania and I will be the second one aboard this fabulous place bringing you the most trendiest products, fashion and vendors of all times, but my first post has to be about this delicate soap.

The Lavender Almond Organic Handmade soaps by Valenti are not only amazing (I use them myself and they are incredible!) they are sure great as wedding favors. Mrs. Valenti just sent out an order to a bride who’s getting married in a few months, and she just couldn’t believe how delicate the soap was on her skin and what a relaxing fragrance they have. Her room was filled with this incredible aroma and every soap was delicately packaged matching the colors for her wedding decor.

The soaps are made with organic lavender flower buds, Mrs. Valenti plants herself in her organic garden, along with olive, palm, coconut and Castor oils.

LavenderAlmond by Valenti - Organic Handmade Soap

The soaps can be purchased individually online at or if you’d like you can place an order for your wedding or special event. Mrs. Valenti will go the extra mile to match your color combination.